There’s always a bunch going on, including some upcoming events that are put on and ran by each one of our local chapters. Each of the events are listed below.

October 2018

Oct. 13th – Live in the 805Live in the 805 2018 FlyerChannel Islands Chapter Fundraiser – Channel Islands Yacht Club

November 2018apr13bet

Nov. 7th – Los Angeles Chapter Veterans Charter on the Betty-O – Marina Del Rey Sportfishing

Nov. 10th – San Diego
Chapter Banquet at Hubbs Seaworld Research Institute

Ticket are available here.

Nov. 10th – LA Chapter On The Water Seminar for new members – Marina Del Rey Sportfishing2018_CCABanquetInvite

December 2018

Dec. 8th – Los Angles Chapter Member Meeting – Alpine Village

Make sure to keep checking back for more events coming up later this year, and also for next year as well!