Orange County Chapter 

Orange County is home to some of the biggest players in the fishing industry. AFTCO, Shimano, and Dana Wharf Catalina-Island-Fishing-TripsSportfishing are just a few of our great industry sponsors that call the OC home, and CCA has key players from those sponsors on both our chapter board, as well as our state board of directors. Robby Gant of Shimano serves as president of our Orange County Chapter and has brought both great energy and leadership to the entire chapter. Some of the local events that are put on by the chapter include our annual Battle of the Bays Kayak Fishing tournament in Dana Point, Chapter fundraisers and banquets, along with quarterly open meetings for all members and nonmembers for an update on what CCA California is currently working on.

Our local chapter board members are listed below.

Robby Gant – President

Luke Burson – Vice President

Brian Drazba – Treasurer

Stephen Braggins – Secretary

Justin Kim – Membership

Rob Espinoza – Acquisitions

John Riordan – Government Relations

Brian Woolley – Youth Activities

Brandon Erdo – Banquets

Emilio Rebollar

David Ludwick

If you would like to volunteer or help out in our Orange County Chapter, please contact us.