CCA California and Beyond the Breakwater is partnering up with iAngler to put on the 2020 Mylar Summer Pickup! This is our effort to help clean up our local waters, both inshore and offshore, and get rid of the Mylar balloons that have been released in the past and are now just floating in our ocean. While fishing off the coast, we are seeing more and more mylar balloons floating in our waters and the fisherman are often the ones collecting them off the water. Now you can get rewarded for each balloon that you collect each day on the water!

June 8th – November 1st

To participate, simply download the iAnger App on your mobile device for free, search for the “2020 Mylar Summer Pickup”, and register! It is absolutely free to register and participate in our tournament! Once registered, simply snap a picture of all balloons collected throughout the day, and submit the picture through the app.

1 balloon equals 1 point! Collect as many points as possible and win some awesome prizes!


  • There is a limit of one submission per person per day
  • Every balloon must be played out and separated in each submission
  • One (1) point will be awarded for each balloon collected
  • Each entry will automatically be entered for a final raffle at the end of the tournament
  • Each participant must follow all laws, regulations and rules designated by the US Coast Guard, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, or any other law enforcement agencies.

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries.

The Story Behind #TheMylarRoundUp…

The Mylar Summer Pickup has its roots in a friendly competition called “The Mylar Roundup” that was created by Madison Valadez and her dad Dave in September 2017. #TheMylarRoundUp was designed to run for an entire month in hopes of making a difference and positive impact on our oceans. This competition involved collecting each and every balloon and plastic bag or bottle that any fisherman came across while out on the water – including oceans, lakes, and streams. At the end of the month, they were able to collect a total of 381 mylar balloons off the water!