Channel Islands Chapter 

Our CCA Channel Islands chapter has a strong presence well within the Ventura and Oxnard area. At least once per Welcome-to-Channel-Islands-National-Parkquarter, there is an open meeting for all members and non-members to attend and get updated on what is going on with CCA and the progress that is being made. Along with our open meetings, there are fundraisers and events that are put on by our board members. There are multiple local CCA events that happen throughout the year, one of them being our annual release event for the White Seabass hatchery pens, located in Channel Islands Harbor. All of our board members are selected carely, and have already been driving forces in your fishing community. Each of our board members are listed below.

The Channel Islands Chapter regularly meets on the first Monday of every month at The Sportsman Restaurant in Camarillo. 

Terri Odom – President

John Jenson – Vice President

Tom Webb – Vice President

Lana Lynch – Treasurer

Terri Odom – Secretary

Bill Lynch – Banquets/Food

Kevin Brannon – Youth Activities

Frank Sullivan

Linda Weifuss

Eric Kramer

Rick Marcias

Mike Reinesto

Rande Lance

If you’re looking to volunteer or get involved with our CCA Channel Islands Chapter, please contact us.