Join Us For The 2020 Central Cal Charter Challenge!

For our inaugural year, two of our chapters in Central California will be competing against each other in the 2020 Central Cal Charter Challenge. Our Channel Islands and Santa Barbara Chapters will both be competing on an overnight trip departing on November 6th, and fishing November 7th.

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Channel Islands Chapter – Pacific Islander – Channel Islands Sportfishing$25025 21

For any questions regarding the Central Cal Charter Challenge, please contact us or send an email to

Tournament Rules

  • In the event that any rules need altering to ensure the safety of all participants, we reserve the right to do so without notice. Please be sure to visit for more information.
  • The tournament is limited to each boat’s passenger limit, designated by the United States Coast Guard. Each boat and CCA CAL reserve the right to limit, monitor and increase the number of passengers on each boat. All California Department of Fish & Wildlife rules and regulations must be followed for the duration of the tournament. 
  • Each chapter and boat must follow the tournament schedule, which will be as follows: 

Departure: November 6th – 8pm – Fishing November 7th

  • All boats must stay within U.S. waters. 
  • Scoring will be determined by a point system that will be calculated according to the amount of fish that are caught by each boat. Species that are eligible for the tournament include: Vermillion Rockfish, Lingcod, Sheephead, Rockfish, Whitefish, and Calico Bass. The point system will be the following:

1 Vermillion Rockfish – 1 point

1 Lingcod – 1 point

2 Sheephead – 1 point

3 Various Rockfish – 1 point

3 California Scorpionfish (Sculpin) – 1 point

5 Whitefish – 1 point

6 Calico Bass – 1 point (3 Released Calico Bass* – 1 point)

Note: Points will only be awarded in whole numbers (i.e. 4 whitefish will not be awarded any points). 

*Must be of legal size

Each boat’s score must be filled out on the scoring sheet, and verified and signed by both the charter master and the captain of each vessel before being turned in. Scoring sheets can be turned into CCA CAL. No boat or individual is to go over their daily limit determined by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife.   

  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the weight of each boat’s largest fish. 
  • Fish can be caught on conventional, spinning or fly gear. Fish can also be caught using artificial lures, live bait or trolling. 
  • Safety on each of the boats must be observed at all times. Every passenger must follow and obey each captain and their crew’s instruction. In the event of unsafe weather or water conditions, the decision to cancel will be determined by CCA CAL and all of the operators of each vessel. 
  • Each boat is allowed to hold their own competition or contest between their participants. 
  • All participants must adhere to high standards of sportsmanship and behave in manners that portray sportfishing in a positive light.  
  • By participating in our tournament, we reserve the right to photograph and record our tournament for the use on social media pages, websites, and any other media platform. We encourage all participants to post and share their content from the tournament with us.