The Anthony Hsieh Conservation Award is given each year by the Coastal Conservation Association of California (CCA CAL) to an individual who has supported sportfishing in California and has made meaningful contributions toward the protection, restoration, and enhancement of our marine resource.

Previous Award Winners…


John Ballotti


Anthony Hsieh

Through the generosity of a match from Anthony Hsieh, the Coastal Conservation Association of California (CCA CAL) raised $237,543.50 to further their ability to represent saltwater anglers in CA. On February 6, 2018 CCA CAL Chairman Bill Shedd and Treasurer Don Trojanreceived a $79,214.50 check from Anthony for the 2-1 match program against the $158,429 raised from current CCA CAL members and concerned saltwater anglers.

A recent example was CCA CAL helping to prevent pacific bluefin tuna from being listed as an endangered species last year. If the environmental activists pushing that effort had been successful, it would have prevented any take of bluefin by California anglers. Communication Committee Chairman and BD Outdoors President Ali Hussainy said that “Most anglers don’t even know what CCA CAL and our partners accomplished with bluefin. These funds will allow us to hire professional marketing staff support. That will enable us to revamp our web site, and generally improve on our communication and marketing efforts.”

The long – term goal for CCA CAL is to have state chapters through – out CA., including Northern CA. According the CCA CAL Board Member Bart Hall of the Fred Hall Shows, “In most every coastal state in the US, the CCA is a force for saltwater anglers to be reckoned with.” Doug Lasko President of Okuma and CCA Board Member added, “The key to CCA success is having a number of chapters throughout the state, and a lobbyist in the state capital. These funds will help us to acquire both here in CA.” Dave Pfeiffer, CCA Vice Chairman and President of Shimano said “This match program made possible by Anthony provides a huge step forward for CCA CAL. Now we can more fully build out our chapter base. While we do so I encourage all saltwater anglers in CA. to get involved with and support your local CCA CAL chapter and their events.”